Yes, Life is Still Good…

So, I’ve been fighting to get the last part of Costa Rica up, but in the meantime neglecting to post anything else.  I kept putting it off, and now I’ve decided just to move on, and post the rest of Costa Rica later, or not.

Last night,  I was able to catch the last 1/2 hour of a show ABC aired called 2100.  It was a really interesting take (from what I saw) on what our planet could possibly be like 90 years from now.  The basis of the show from what I could figure out was that if we continue on our current path, utilizing fossil fuels, not fighting global warming, harvesting all we can of our natural resources, etc. that our kids and grand kids will inherit a very different planet than the one on which we currently reside.  Fortunately I missed most of the doom and gloom of that part, but caught the end which talked about how we are currently at turning point in which we can change our outcome.  The show brought up interesting points, like if we as a species tune in to alternative energy, renewable resources, conservation, and other green ideas, that not only can we save ourselves, and our planet, but also our economy.  It was a feel good show which kind of made you want to rally for change, and ride your bike to work.

The show also made me think about our current lifestyle (at least here in the bay area) and how unhealthy it can be, not only for our planet, but for our own bodies as well.  I know I struggle with wanting to move out of the city, but am very reluctant to do so because it turns my commute in to a 45-50 minute traffic jam each way.   Can you imagine waking up to this every morning?  I don’t think so.



I also struggle with driving to Truckee as often as we do on Friday evenings.  Here’s a sweet glimpse of that:



But then you start thinking about how awesome it would be if we all woke up in the morning, and jumped on our bike, or scooter, or even better – your own personalized Segway and got to work stress free, with a low heart rate.  Then you take it even one step further and think how much better it would even be that after working your tail off for the last five days, instead of loading up the car and sitting in Traffic for 5 hours trying to get to Tahoe, you could just jump on the high speed train that California’s been trying to get going for the last X years.  Well that train isn’t even planned to go East of Sacramento, but you get the idea.





I think what I took away from the show that had the biggest impact was a simple idea.  By saving the earth, we are saving ourselves, our economy, our sanity, and our livelihood.  Sounds good to me.



The other powerful message I took away from the show was that humans will have a much bigger impact on changing our world if everyone makes small changes, versus a few people making big changes.



More Costa Rica

After spending a couple of days in Arenal, we drove over to Monteverde.  Monteverde is at about 5,500 ft, and is home to what they call a cloud forest.  In essence, it is so moist there, that there is a rain forest in the mountains.  It’s amazing.

Lots of Rain
Lots of Rain
We spent a couple of nights here, and hooked up with Justin and Tobyn.  We hung out the first night and went to a town “fiesta” where there was an arena with bulls, and young men chasing them around.  Fortunately Justin and I were smart enough not to get involved.
Blurry Pictures, but you get the idea, fun times for the locals, and for the bull.
The next day we went ziplining, whcih was insanely fun.  The longest line they had was 750 meters long, and I think over 1000ft high.  In total, there were over 14 lines.  It was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done.
Here’s one where Jill and I went together:
We had a really fun time, Justin and Tobyn did as well, and we got to meet some really fun people to enjoy the day with.
The next day, we woke up and took a guided tour through Monteverde National Park.  We got to see the Quetzal, whcih is endagered I think, and is pretty sweet:

 We saw all kinds of other wildlife too
There were tons of hummingbirds too, Jill’s favorite


Monteverde was amazing, and I highly reccomend anyone go there.  It is incredible how much wildlife you can see, and how beautiful it is there.

Costa Rica!

So, we just got back from Costa Rica on Monday evening, work was a little tough yesterday, but I am happy to be back. The trip was amazing. Costa Rican people, Ticos are some of the proudest, friendliest, and happy people I’ve met. It is the type of place where everyday I was there, I was amazed by it’s natural beauty, the locals, and the wildlife. I highly highly recommend anyone to go to Costa Rica, and spend some time there. Whether you love laying on the beach sunbathing, taking eco-tours, or zip-lining across valleys, there is something for everyone there.

Part 1:
Jill and I arrived in San Jose, then proceeded to pick up our rent-a-car, and drive up to the mountains. We were headed to Volcan Arenal, which is an active volcano that you can see lava flows on at night (sometimes). On the way, we stopped to check out a resort, and church that we had read about. It was really cool, the views were amazing (I’ll add some pics later).

We then got back on the road and drove to Arenal, where we found a great place for our first night in Costa Rica, Linda Vista Del Norte with a pool overlooking Lake Arenal:

We settled in, had dinner, and awoke to this view from our windows:













We had heard that the hanging bridges were a great way to check out the canopy, so we decided to go for it. We donned our SPF protective “dork outfits” and headed out.

We saw a few things, a Macaw, and a lizard

But mostly it was the views that were fantastic, Volcan Arenal:

More Bridges

I’ll add more shortly in Part 2.

Blogging starts now

Well everyone, I have decided to start blogging. About what you ask? I’m not entirely sure myself. Heck, I’m not even sure if anyone will read this thing, but after thinking about it for a while, I really have nothing to loose. Yeah, maybe some weirdo will know more about me than they need to, but all in all, I figure why not. I mean, my life is pretty interesting right? At least it is for me (of course).







I guess for a first blog, I might as well give a little info about myself.  My name is Charles Becker, though most know me as Chuck, or those pre-college know me as Charlie. I think I’m mostly down with Chuck these days (or the last 10 years or so). I life in San Franciso with my beautiful wife Jill, and the best dog in the world Casso.

That’s the wife and I

That’s the best do in the world, posing as one of Santa’s Reindeers (he loved it).

As I mentioned, we currently live in San Francisco, which is pretty cool as far as cities go, not necessarily my thing, but you can’t beat the work opportunities. We’ve lived here for about 3 years now, and I still can’t for the life of me get over the crazy weather here. On Monday, it was in the mid 80’s, today it is in the high 50’s and freezing. And the summers here can really be as grey as any Seattle winter. Other than that and the traffic, and the crazy amounts of work people subject themselves to, it’s not bad. There are many worse places for sure.

I work as an Assistant Project Manager for Hathaway Dinwiddie. It’s been around for years, it is a merger of Dinwiddie Construction, and Hathaway Construction, now known as Hathaway Dinwiddie. Anyways, Dinwiddie actually built the Transamerica Pyramid, and the Bank of America building in downtown SF. They’ve been around a long time. As far as construction companies go, it’s great, great people, amazing projects, and they have a great work ethic. They are the type of company where your word goes a long way, and because of that tend to have great relationships with their subs, and the owners they work for.

Enough about work. For fun, my wife Jill and I tend to spend a heck of a lot fo time up in Truckee. We met up there when we both lived up there, and skied and hiked our asses off. It was a great life, but we then decided to join the “real” world and get more corporate jobs. Since we’ve left Truckee we lived in Seattle for about a year and a half before I freaked out about the weather and arm wrestled her to move back to California. And now we live in sunny SF – yeah right. I think she still thinks that’s funny.

Living in San Fran does allow us to get up to the mountains alot, albeit it can be painstaking at times with the traffic, but we get up there often nonetheless. In Truckee, we still get to ski a bunch, and hike in the summer. All good times.

Okay, enough for now, I still have a ton of stuff to do before we leave tomorrow for Costa Rica! Can’t wait. I’m sure I’ll post about that.

Have a good day all, get outside if you can.